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Chucho Avellanet

Armando Hipólito Avellanet González (born 13 August 1941), nicknamed "Chucho" (from the Basque Txutxo) is a Puerto Rican singer and comedic actor. Avellanet is a native of Mayagüez (actually born in the same house that is now occupied by the local clubhouse of the Popular Democratic Party of Puerto Rico in town).Before becoming famous, he had been performing across Puerto Rico's western coast with various musical trios, particularly with the Trio Los Duendes group. He was regarded as having a powerful voice, but was too shy to occupy a solo spot in any of the groups he performed with. After he returned from a stint at the Army National Guard in North Carolina he was discovered by a Cuban television promoter, Gaspar Pumarejo, who immediately introduced him to the Puerto Rican television world. His career formally started during the week of 23–28 May 1961, when he was featured daily in ... Read More Here

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