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World Celeb Finds (WCF) was first established in June 2009 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. WCF is a unique concept that allows anyone to hold a piece of celebrity history through on-site and web-based auctions and sales. We are the conduit; whether you are a Hollywood star, actor, musician, singer or sports figure. WCF markets celebrity possessions to the highest bidder through a chic, boutique-styled, high-end showroom featuring authentic designer jewelry; and a strategically crafted online live-auction website reaching audiences across the globe. We create buzz around the celeb’s personal property, adding image value to an already star-studded personal.

Find everything about your favorites celebrity, musician, actors, composers, actress, baseball, basketball, golf and much more. Every auctions comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed. we garantee that every article in our web site is genuine, and came from the celebrity in self.

Enjoy your celebrity auction.



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